Each patient will benefit from a range of basic medical investigations: anthropometric measurements, blood tests, abdominal ultrasound, EKG, etc. Depending on each pathology, certain parameters will be monitored regularly, such as blood pressure levels, blood sugar levels, heart rate, etc. Moreover, patients with pathological values upon arrival will have their blood tests reevaluated upon discharge.



There will be at least three consultations done by a specialized physician, who will design a treatment plan and will monitor each patient’s progress. Additionally, we will offer psychological evaluation and counseling during the program for those who need assistance in this area.

medical team


Discussions with the medical team and specific surveys will aid in determining the cause that has brought the disease. Identifying and removing the source of sickness is the goal of medical history and investigations.



The pricing for the above services are included in the initial price of the program. Optionally, additional blood tests can be done for a fee. The blood tests will be sent to and processed by a partner laboratory.


The large range of procedures assists the body in the recovery from disease.

Whether for boosting the immune system, balancing the digestive process, physical and mental relaxation, or regaining vitality, simple and effective remedies can be used.



Applied massage techniques serve for both relaxation and treatment. Undoubtedly, after each massage session you will feel a lot better and stress levels will be decreased.
Additionally, our therapists will address painful areas in order to reduce muscular tension and ease mobility and articular functionality. Where needed, the use of paraffin or ice massage will increase the effectiveness of the procedure.



Thermotherapy is endeared for its immediate effects on wellbeing. Moreover, this procedure has therapeutic properties recognized by the medical community. Saunas have proved beneficial in decreasing pain and articular rigidity, improving cardiac functions and immunity, as well as stimulating brain activity in cases of cognitive decline. Certainly, there are many more advantages and our patients will notice this. Upon a doctor’s advice and depending on the pathology, patients will use either a wet or a dry sauna.



Exposure to salt particles is well known for its effectiveness on respiratory affections. Salt rooms, however, can also help with other diseases. Infections, allergies, or inflammatory skin conditions can be healed with salt therapy. Smoker’s cough and allergies can also be reduced by using halotherapy.



Hydrotherapy includes many procedures that have proved effective in the treatment of many diseases. Used in its different forms (liquid, solid or gas), water can help significantly in the body’s recovery. For example, contrast baths are very effective in treating depression and anxiety, offering vigor and reducing tension. This same procedure also boosts the immune system. Hot and neutral baths are recognized for their relaxing effects.

water gymnastics

Water gymnastics

Another form of hydrotherapy, water gymnastics has special advantages when attempting to increase mobility. Under the guidance of a therapist, patients will improve their motor skills in the swimming pool, even in cases with balance disorders.

Additionally, water exercises are a good way to improve cardiorespiratory activity.



There are many types of poultices that can be applied for different pathologies. Poultices can be prepared with activated charcoal, clay, chili, mustard, etc., and they can be applied for skin, muscular or articular affections.

Besides these procedures, we also offer other facilities that complete the therapeutic process: lymphatic drainage machine, paravertebral massage bed, fitness equipment, etc.


The medical team includes physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, masseurs, psychotherapists, etc.

Besides having regular formal training, each worker will also know how to treat disease using natural remedies.