Dumbrava Health Center is the place for mental and physical restoration.

The natural setting in which medical activities take place provides a needful assistance for the recovery of health. The overlooking forest and mountains surround Dumbrava with a peaceful and soothing scenery.

Healthy nutrition, pure air, the beautiful surroundings of nature, trust in God, quality music, rest, use of water and others are the health principles that you will find here. We use them to help in the recovery of the body that has been affected through suffering.

Moreover, the medical team works devotedly so that each person who comes here will leave with a smile on the face, peace in the soul and vigor in the body.


Lifestyle centers represent a concept that has replicated over the course of history.

The first of their kind were established in America in the second half of the 19th century. Sick people treated in these sanitariums benefited from natural remedies, health education, spiritual assistance, and a healthy diet. Their success in therapeutic lines was recognized in higher circles as well; even heads of state came as patients to such institutions. Even though the remedies were simple, their efficiency was backed by the scientific community. The secret of their success lay in that people identified and sought to keep the laws given by God, and then assisted in the recovery of the body through simple but logical and physiological treatments.

The history of these health centers has continued, and at present there are over one hundred such ministries that support the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in all continents. Although modern equipment is used for diagnosis and treatment, the therapeutic principles have remained. The extraordinary results encourage further expansion of this work.

In Romania, Dumbrava Health Center shares the same activities and services as other similar health institutes at Herghelia, Podiș, and Ivești. Their experience is an aid in our advancement. Their results encourage us to work with the same level of professionalism.

The principles that have helped maintain such a long-standing tradition are love for God and love for mankind. We, too, will implement those same principles in the quality medical practice at Dumbrava Health Center.